Bring depth to your screen recordings. Effortlessly.

Slant it takes your screen recordings and makes them more presentable and memorable for your audience. Just in a few clicks.

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Let's face it.It's hard to get attention online.
Slant it solves this.

If you have spent time building the product of your dreams, presenting your product as a screen recording makes it boring. Slant it makes those screen recordings look like it was recorded in a professional studio which stands out and grabs attention.

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My heart is racing with joy! Our new product is finally here, born from a love for innovation and a passion for excellence.


No fancy office. No big team. Just me, my laptop, and a crazy idea. Today, that idea is a reality! šŸš€


This design isn't just lines and colors, it's a piece of my soul wrapped in pixels āœØ

Kayla Williams
Kayla Williams@kayla__

Something extraordinary is on the horizon. Brace yourselves, folks! The wait is almost over. Prepare to be amazed.

Arjun Sharma
Arjun Sharma@arjun_sharma_91

We're a small team with a big dream, and today, that dream takes flight. Our product is now live on Product Hunt! Your support means the world to us šŸŒ


Simplicity at its finest. Introducing Astral, where design meets innovation.

Hiroshi Nakamura
Hiroshi Nakamura@hiro_naka

Our latest creation isn't just ahead of its time; it's defining the future of how we build software.

ā€œTbh I kind of don't want people to discover Slant it because it's quickly become my secret weapon for creating standout social media videos šŸ˜† It's a genius product. 10/10 recommend.ā€
Michael Riddering
Michael Riddering
Creator of Advanced Figma


So powerful. So simple.

All the features you need for creating professional product videos presented in an easy-to-use interface.

Professional by default.

From a passionate individual to a large company, Slant it makes the "professional look" accessible for everyone.

Dozens of 3D animations.

Present your screen recordings through a new dimension. Like never before.

Dozens of 3D animations.

Sounds better too.

Bring your own music or from the library. Snap animations to beats of the music.

Sounds better too.

Export your creations.

Horizontal or Vertical. Product Hunt or Appstore. 1080p or 4k. Everything.

Export your creations.
ā€œI was really impressed by the product, solves a great pain point and was a no-brainer decision to buy. Created a demo video for a side-project, and I can say that the video came out much better than the project actually is. šŸ™ˆā€
Himanshu Singh
Himanshu Singh
Frontend at Atlan

Sooooo much more

Realistic Reflections.

Powered by 360Ā° HDRI technology, Reflections make your digital work appear like real-world.

Image + Video Exports.

Export your creation in both image and video formats.

With screen recording.

No need to download a screen recorder. Just hit 'Record screen' button for quick recordings.

Animation controls.

Customize each of the dozen 3D animations with simple controls to get your desired look.

Smart beat detection.

Find beats in any music and create catchy videos like that trillion dollar tech company.

Private by design.

All editing and exports happen on your device. None of the assets reach a server.

ā€œMaking 3D product videos was daunting until Slant It came along. From screen recording to customizing vibrant animations, it's fast and fun. Now, I can create striking 3D videos in just minutes if not seconds! Iā€™m almost inclined to keep this gem to myself!ā€
Designer at Stellate

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