Hey there,
I'm Akash Hamirwasia.

I'm the creator of Slant it. I built Slant it to solve my own problem of creating cooooool professional-looking videos and images for my products and side-projects.

I wrote my first line of code in 2016, and since then I've never stopped. I did my engineering in Computer Science, contributed and maintained a lot of open-source projects, and also built a bunch of products that solved my own day-to-day problems. I'm a perfectionist by nature and strive hard to build things with the highest standards. ✨

This perfectionism is what led me to build Slant it. I wanted to increase the quality of my product launch videos and images to match those of what large tech companies present in their keynotes and product announcements. Seeing the tools and the effort needed for creating such videos, I decided it was time for a change. This is the change I want to bring with Slant it. My vision for Slant it is:

β€œTo empower every person to proudly present their software products with as much care and attention as a real-world tangible product.”
Akash Hamirwasia

I'm documenting my journey of building Slant it from scratch on Twitter. You can give me a follow @blenderskool and check out the entire journey. I've personally used Slant it multiple times, both for product launches on-stage and off-stage. It brings a unique differentiation and flair to your launch. Something I've seen both creators and the audience appreciate multiple times.

Slant it is not the first time I'm building an online product, but it is definitely one of the most complex products I've built technically. Some think that the product might fail, but I know deep down that I'll continue using and improving it for all my future work too which I count as a success. πŸ’œ

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