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Last updated: 14 September 2023

This page isn't meant to be a legal disclaimer, but rather goes over how I collect and use your data. I feel that everyone should have an easier time understanding how their data is used instead of getting lost in a lot of legal jargon!

Slant it is designed to work on the browser with the entire video editing and exporting happening on your machine. None of your files / exported content is saved on a server. Slant it collects some data to manage your purchase status and providing access to Pro features. The data collected on Slant it directly or indirectly by the 3rd party services I use is mentioned in the following section.

3rd party services

  • Firebase — Firebase is a service by Google that makes building apps easier. Firebase powers the authentication and Slant it Pro license management for the users.
  • Cloudflare — Cloudflare handles the hosting on its CDN and provides security from malicious attacks.
  • Lemon Squeezy — Lemon Squeezy is used for the checkout process and collecting payments for Slant it Pro. I do not store nor will store any sort of payment information(confidential credit card numbers, billing addresses, etc.) on my own servers or database.
  • Crisp — Slant it uses Crisp for customer support. Any information you share in the Crisp chatbox is recorded by Crisp in their databases. Additionally, Crisp also has some level of website tracking(eg. your geo-location, pages you visit on this website, etc.) that is meant to be helpful while answering support queries.
  • Google Analytics — Google Analytics is used to track how people discover about Slant it and how they use the Slant it editor. Enabling “Do not Track” on your system does not affect Google Analytics.
  • Google reCAPTCHA — For captcha verifications.
  • Sentry — Sentry is used for error tracking purposes. It informs me about the underlying errors in the code which helps in further improving Slant it. When an error occurs in the app, Sentry captures additional context information like browser type, version, OS type, version, page URL, IP address, user email, pro membership status, and some state information about where the code failed. As much as I hate the type of information being collected, it is crucial for correcting bugs in Slant it and providing better experience to the users, hence this service is being used.

How will the data collected be used

Data collected from various tools in Slant it and how it'll be used has been mentioned above. The only personally identifiable information I plan on using is your email address and pro membership status for sharing updates with you about the Slant it product. If you don't want to receive these updates, you may unsubscribe from the emails at any point. Both are optional for you to provide to use the free features of Slant it.

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